I spent a large part of this last week traveling to see my daughter and son-in-law in Portland, OR. It was a great time. Our main purpose for the trip was to go to her White Coat Ceremony as she enters PA School at Pacific University. What a proud moment!

Pride aside, the best part of the trip was seeing people we hadn’t seen for years. The day before the ceremony my girl was in school and her husband had honey-dos, so we went to visit our friends Dan and Faith. We stood in the kitchen of their new house in the outskirts of Portland. This was our first visit in a few years. The last time we saw them was two whole houses ago for them! I stood there talking and listen to all the voices excitedly talking over other voices and I was struck by this thought: home is not necessarily where your mail gets delivered. The room was simply too small to contain the love.

In recovery I can sometimes feel lonely. Often times it seems as though everything I once had is lost and all of the people in my life have left. Nonsense! My recovery provides me with a Forever Family. I am NEVER alone as long as I am walking in Christ and in recovery.

Thanks to all of my forever family. And a special thanks to Pastor Dan and Faith Paxton who have never known a stranger. My life is full. My heart overflows.

-Rise Up!!!

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