I remember D-Day being a “bigger deal” when I was a kid. I guess there were more folks around who had more vivid memories of what happened on those beaches. It’s interesting how the things of today that seem important will eventually fade into our memories.

This is the reason I like my first timer (one day) chip. It reminds me of my own D-Day. The day that things turned around for me. In WWII D-Day is often pointed to as the day that changed the war, even though the war continued for almost a full year after the initial wave began. My recovery began on a certain day many years ago, but the battles continue. My first time at Celebrate Recovery back in 2003 marks a turning point in my life. It was when I changed the course of my life forever. But it was not the end of the battle or the struggles. I always maintain that there are two type of people in the world: those in recovery and those in denial. I will always struggle. I will always be “in recovery”. But I am marching to victory!

-Rise Up!!!

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