Today in America we are remembering those who have fallen and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. No, this isn’t the day we remember and honor our service men and women (that’s Veteran’s Day and it’s in November). This is for the people who have been killed in the defense of our country and it’s ideals.

In recovery it’s Memorial Day every day for me. Most recovery programs use the concept of a “higher power” to help us through the difficulties of maintaining our sobriety. In Celebrate Recovery that higher power is Jesus Christ. The fact that he sacrificed himself for me… for ME…means so much to me.

It shows me that there is a way out of any pit that I create or find myself a part of. There has to be because Jesus did what he did to save me.

It shows me that there is a plan. This world is far too intricate for chance. It is full of order and reason. God made it this way and Jesus is a wonderful part of the plan.

It shows me that I am worthy. Me. That guy. The one who some folks would rather see behind bars instead of on a stage. The one that some people would rather give a life sentence that give grace. The one that some people feel should be in prison rather than be in church…especially THEIR church. Yeah, that guy. He did it all for me and I am so very worthy of it.

And the most awesome part of it? He did it for you to so the same rules apply. Even through our mistakes and upheavals, Jesus loves us. So today let’s remember all of our fallen heroes.

-Rise Up!!!

3 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. Paul, I’m sorry, but I disagree strongly about being worthy. In light of Romans 3:23, 5:8 and 6:23, Isaiah 64:6, and Titus 3:4-7 all I can do is fall at His feet and praise the Only One Who Is Worthy. His sacrifice gives me worth, but no, this sinner was not worthy of a single drop of His precious blood shed for my many sins.


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