It happened…I shaved. For those who know hockey you will understand that at this time of year that is not a good thing or a happy occasion. Traditionally you don’t shave during the NHL playoffs. I was working on my Playoff Beard. It had reached that “Gee That 10th Grade Kid Should Shave That Embarrassing Facial Hair” stage. And then just five games into the playoff my beloved Kings were eliminated. Before the post game interviews were done, out came the razor!

There’s really no sense in keeping something that has no meaning. Just like that scruffy old beard, my habits, hurts, and hang-ups need to get cleaned up. I need to get rid of the things that made no sense. Like it or not, my choice of clothing and grooming really have no effect on how my team will play. And my compulsive behaviors and addictions have no benefit to my life. Clinging to that way of life only brings me and those around me down. In hockey I recognize that my team is done for the season, but after a few months of golf, we will be back on the ice for another campaign. Similarly, in life I can see that the destructive activities in which I participated are over and now I am ready to start life anew!

-Rise Up!!

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