It’s My Fault

I was reading a friend’s blog ( and it got me thinking about how things can sometimes gradually get out of control. Not many of us get overweight at one meal, it happens over time. Not many of us get into financial hardship because of one bad purchase, it tends to happen over time. Not many of us fall into addictions and compulsive behaviors, we take incremental steps in a direction and it happens over time. And sometimes people fall off our radar over time as well.

It can be easy to allow. Life gets busy and we simply don’t pay enough attention to people who live in our fringe. I know I can get so focused on my own things that I lose sight of other people who matter. I could blame it on work (if I did any of that!); I could blame it on family issues; I could blame it on health; I could even blame it on hockey playoffs demanding all of my attention, but the real fault lies with me. EVERYTHING I do I do out of choice. There is nothing that is not my choice. Taxes? Oh I don’t like them, but I pay them because I don’t want to face the consequences. Dinner with Baba? Same thing, I do it because of the consequences. It all boils down to risk/reward analysis. So when people fall out of my field of view, I need to step up and take responsibility. Does this mean that I will be perfect and begin to keep track of everyone? Certainly not. I’m a flawed person. But I will try my best to make the people in my sphere of influence important. And I will admit when I come up short.

So with that in mind I say thank you, dear reader, for being here and sharing this with your friends.

-Rise Up!!

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