To say that I haven’t had my head in the game lately is not much of a stretch. I’ve had a lot of things that have built up in the corners of my life that eventually created a blockage in my joy. Like most things in life it can be difficult to nail down just one thing that is the “causal factor”, so I just kind of let things go as I searched for answers.

I know better than that, yet still, it’s what I did and I let myself continue to spin downward. I know the things I’d tell someone else in my position but talking to myself only served to make me more upset that I wasn’t feeling any better about things.

I finally started talking to people, then eventually went to lunch and just talked for a long time to someone who was listening to me. Funny enough, once I got the words out, things started to feel a little better!

So look around today. See who might not be quite on top of their game. That’s your lunch date right there! We are a Forever Family not just because we like alliteration, but because we love each other, and we all matter. Let’s not let anyone slip through those cracks.


-Rise Up!

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