I just spent my weekend meeting my future son-in-law. It was a great weekend and if you would have asked me to predict this ten years ago, I simply would not have done it.

Fifteen years ago I was “living the dream”. I had a great job and a wonderful blended family with my second wife. Then I ran afoul of the law and on a February evening my youngest daughter and only blood offspring was taken from our home. She would be basically out of our lives for the next seven or so years because of my addictions and mistakes.

And now, she brought her fiancé to meet the family. Her older sister is in the bridal party. She wants our help in planning the ceremony. Oh yeah, and Dear Ol’ Dad is walking his baby girl down the aisle.

Life gets messy. This isn’t a maybe statement, it’s pretty much the law. But it also gets beautiful when we walk the right path. My road hasn’t been easy, but my recovery and my faith have brought me to places I never thought I’d see. Keep hanging on through the hard times and the low moments and…

-Rise Up!

2 thoughts on “Addition

  1. Your family story has changed my life and leaves me longing for healing in my family like God has healed yours. I am blessed to know you and wish I told you thank you to your face. But thank you for giving me hope that one day my sister will be in the same room with my stepdad and forgive. With God all things are possible. And your family is a visual reminder of that. You and your wife serve God and He has blessed you. Love you all!


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