The Pits

I apologize for being a day late. If it helps at all, I’m also at least a dollar short! After a busy Easter week Pastor gave us the day off yesterday so I went hiking with the grandsons. That still didn’t keep me from thinking though…

Have you ever had a peach? I just LOVE peaches. Peach pie, peach cobbler, plain ol’ peach…they’re all great in my book. I was thinking about peaches on Friday night. Mmmmm, so tasty, just eat it and toss the pit in the trash.

Just like us….

Sometimes the world eats the peach that surrounds me then tosses the pit away. The sweet and juicy part is what the world looks forward to. The guy who will throw out rational thought. The one who will stick around for “just one more”. The person who put morals aside to kick up their heels and have some fun. Yeah, the world just LOVES that guy. But the pit? Not so much. When the fun is over, when the good times go away, when the adrenaline subsides we get discarded.

But the pit is where the next peach comes from. Think about it, if we just ate all the peaches in the world but never planted that pit, we’d never get another peach. In a lot of ways, the pit is the best part of the peach. In the same ways, those of us who are in recovery are the best part of the world too. Without us to show and share the ways that we’ve fallen only to have God pick us back up, there might be no hope for the ones who follow behind us. And the cool thing is that there are only two kind of people in the world: those in recovery and those in denial. So get out of the pits and…

-Rise Up!

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