Every Monday it’s the same thing…”What do I write about?” As I look back on the week I find that I am a pretty busy person. So glancing back on the week I try to decide what adventure or experience is worthy of sharing with you, dear reader. Today it’s Kings hockey. This weekend my beloved Kings won another game and became the second NHL team that is officially qualified for the playoffs.


OK, I added an extra space in there to give you a chance to celebrate; I knew you’d need it! Over the past four years my team has won two Stanley Cups, but last year we hit a bump in our road and failed to make the playoffs. From a recovery standpoint this was our relapse moment. Coming off a championship season can make you feel like you have arrived. Certain things can get taken for granted and defenses can get lax, then the next thing you know you are making tee times in April.

When I have great success in my recovery I can start to fall prey to that same “Look at me” kind of thinking. The moment that the players began to feel like their individual achievements were responsible for the team’s success they fell. The moment I begin to think that I am the one responsible for my recovery I am priming the pump to relapse. The moment I start to get complacent as I work my steps I am setting the table for the fall. In recovery and in hockey, we need to keep the fire burning and stay hungry.

So join me in recovery and join me in the playoffs. It’s gonna be a great run!

-Rise Up!

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