Uncle Ralph…

So I just completed my final act of Birthday Week 2016. My “virtual” daughter and son-in-law Ari and Ross took me to Magic Mountain. (Before you freak out, there’s no biology there, she just seems like a replica of me, but 20+ years younger) I LOVE roller coasters and I hadn’t been there in over 15 years, so I was pretty stoked to be going.

Just like often happens in recovery, I was harking back to the past where things seemed “great” and the things I did were “so much fun”. Super, fast-forward to yesterday. We rolled up to the park and I was overwhelmed by the amount of havoc that was waiting for my brain and body. The twisted steel was everywhere and called to me like a siren. I was so excited. We began by starting with some “easy” stuff to get warmed up, and just like an addict once I had my first sip I was hooked. I dove in and began moving through the park, stepping up my “game” with each ride.

Something that you should know: Ari and I think of ourselves as Batman. Enter “Batman – The Ride”. What an obvious choice, right? WRONG!!! Shortly after the initial drop my brain stopped processing the information being sent from my eyes. It was as if someone was making me watch a TV screen that was being violently shaken. I eventually crawled back into reality, but it was too late. I had some serious vertigo happening. It turns out I’m more of a Robin than a Batman! 😱 The next four hours were spent with me wrestling with my “Uncle Ralph”, a contest that I eventually lost…TWICE.

So what does this have to do with recovery? Everything! I wandered from my plan that was keeping me on the straight and narrow. I allowed the temptations of my past to overtake the reality of my present. And I paid the price. So from here out. I will try to honor my boundaries and keep on keeping on.

-Rise Up!

One thought on “Uncle Ralph…

  1. Great analogy! Your work pictures are so on point. Thank you for sharing…and BTW, I’m glad I wasn’t there for your “Uncle Ralph” moment.


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