You Never Know…

Often times things happen that just don’t fit my paradigm of reality. This weekend’s Steeler victory is an example. For that matter, this whole football weekend demonstrates that. Last Friday I sat in my office and listened to a brand new David Bowie album, and this morning I wake up to find that he has been taken by cancer. You just never know…

I guess my point is that I can never stand pat with what I think will happen. It is good for me to have plans, goals, and vision, but I need to grasp the idea that none of it may come to fruition.

So do I stand on the beach and shout at the ocean, hoping that I might be able to have some small effect on the waves? No, that kind of thinking is futile and is exercised by the unbalanced or insane.

Instead I do as I am doing now…I sit and reflect. I’ve got the same album playing that I was listening to on Friday, but my thoughts are different. Instead of thinking forward to possible concerts I am looking back at the past ones. Instead of dreaming about creating new memories, I am replaying in my mind the old ones with fondness. Regret is an unprofitable attempt to change history. I need to know that the events of the past are what they are and just use them to build my future. They are only useful if I use them.

I know that sounds obvious and perhaps trivial, but really consider this: what if I take all of my past and make it useful? Some of it can serve as warnings and reminders to myself and others. Some can serve as nuggets of joy to be repeated in the future. Some might be good only as fuel to burn to keep me warm at night. It’s all there, and it’s all useful.

So rest in peace David, and for the rest of use, welcome to the rest of our lives!


-Rise Up!

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