Zipper-Mouth Face 🀐

As I sat in the midst of my writer’s block I made the MOST AMAZING discovery – my computer gives me the names for the various emoji that I can use! Now before we get too far along on this rabbit trail, let me tell you how to make this happen. So on my Mac I typed CTRL-Command-Space and an emoji menu appeared. (I can’t say if this works on a windows computer, but I’m guessing it might) As I let my mouse float over each emoji a name/description magically appeared! If you l know me at all you can probably guess that the next several minutes were taken up by me floating, laughing, then yelling out to the rest of the folks in the office at each new discovery!

OK, so that’s a great tid-bit you say, but how does it relate to recovery? Think about this: how often have you had someone think they know you because they’ve seen you or even talked about you for years, but they have no idea who you are or even what your real name is? I can tell you that I worked for years at Starbucks and there are people out there that I served on a daily basis, and only know their drink but not their name! Something similar happened to me this weekend. I had a person on FaceBook all of a sudden realize who I was (in the past). They sent the message “Aren’t you that guy who…” Yes, that was me; I’ve done some pretty rotten things in the past. But what people don’t always understand is that we are not the things we did. I had a hamburger for lunch the other day, but that doesn’t make me a hamburger. The thing that defines me first and foremost is my love of Christ. That’s why, when we introduce ourselves in Celebrate Recovery, we start with a declaration of our faith and then share an area in which we struggle. So for that inquiring person, yes, that was me who did that, but that isn’t who I am.

And neither are you!

-Rise Up!

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