Sorry all you older guys out there, this has nothing to do with Dudley Moore or Bo Derek. Today I’m thinking about Step 10 – “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” This last week it was brought to my attention that I had made a careless remark that hurt a friend. The worst part is that it didn’t show up in my personal daily inventory because it was a careless comment that I gave no more thought to.

I’ve often given the wisdom to those who would listen that a person’s intentions are of far less consequence than the receiver’s perceptions. Perception is reality.  So when I was told that I had injured a friend with my words I was saddened. when I heard how badly they were hurt I was crushed. The only issue left was how to handle it.

The easy was is to tell them to “man up”; or I could have explained to them what I really was trying to say when I made the joke; or I could just ignore it and tell myself and everyone else what a big baby they were…

Or I could man up and do what Step 10 dictates. Yes, I knew that their perceptions and my intentions were not the same but I knew that I needed to step up and take responsibility for my part in it and promptly make amends.

Now here we are a few days (and several funny emojis) later and the proverbial water is under the bridge. As they told me “we are family here and things like this may happen from time to time”. So as I keep on stepping I am trying to keep a closer reign on my tongue and be more cautious about the things I say. And I’ll keep my finger on the “sorry” trigger.😊

-Rise Up!

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