Fall Back

For some folks Sunday Nov 1 was the best day of the year: set those clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep! I’ll admit, I am much happier about falling back than springing forward. Yet for all the trouble it is to reset the clocks, my body can’t agree with what the clocks are telling it. I’ve been waking up early each day, and even though it’s only two days, I’d kind of like to get back in rhythm.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, I found a way to twist this around to my recovery! When I make changes in my life, it sometimes takes time for those changes to really take effect. Depending on the change it might be days, weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes the people around me have no idea that a “time shift” has happened in my life. Think about Arizona; they never change their clocks, so when we do, if they even notice at all, it’s mostly just to shake their heads and chuckle at our old fashioned ways. I have Arizonans all around me in recovery. Some have no idea what time it is in my life. Some haven’t noticed the changes because they came around after they had already been made. Many of those folks don’t believe that I used to be very different. Others don’t notice because they DID know the old me and are convinced that there is no way for me to have changed. The reality is that I can’t spend time worrying about what the Arizonans think. I am me and always will be so I have to live with my own clock. When I wake up early, I don’t ask the clock if I should get up, I just roll out of bed and get a head start on the day. God has a plan for me, regardless of the time on the clock (and I’m pretty sure He’s always got a press of coffee going too!)

-Rise Up!

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