So this weekend the family and I hopped on a plane and flew to Nashville TN. We are taking some time to visit our family here and helping them build a log home. 

The first two days went pretty easy: hang out with the family; go to church; swim; watch football; we even went to the “Long Hollow Jamboree” for a catfish lunch. Yeehaw and pass the collard greens!!!

Today is different though. Today me and the son-in-law are digging a ditch. 

Life can be a series of ditch digs. They are necessary and somebody has to do it. We get to hide all kinds of things in our ditches. Here today in Tennessee we are “fixin ta” put electric in our ditch. In my past I’ve hid lots of sins and sorrows in ditches. 

I guess it’s best to see the job ahead of me, accept the difficulty and trials that must precede the joys and triumphs, then grab my shovel and dig. 

-Rise Up!

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