Tofu is funny… It has a funny name; it has a funny texture; it has a funny flavor. Yes, tofu is funny.

I was a vegetarian for about seven years in the nineties so I’ve had my fair share of tofu. I used to cook with it all the time, because being a vegetarian in the nineties wasn’t easy. It was pretty much tofu and the produce section of the supermarket back then. I came to discover that tofu would take on the flavor and characteristics of whatever it was being cooked with.  Want spicy tofu? Cook it with jalapeños. Want Italian style tofu? Add garlic and fennel. Headed to Texas? Put some BBQ on it and call it good!

People can be like tofu. Do you know any “tofu people”? I certain have met some over the years. Watch as people mingle in different social circles. The tofu people will blend with the crowd, often changing their political positions, musical tastes, clothing styles, or whatever else needs a refresh in order to fit in with the current group. I was with a person this weekend who I’ve watched over the years. It’s a pretty sure bet that if someone mentions a musician or band that this person will just LOVE them! I can’t count how many “Favorite Artists” this person has had in the ten years that we’ve been acquainted. I’m not advocating for belligerence or discord, but it is nice to know that a person has the temerity to stick to who they are.

Now I’m looking at my self…I bet tofu doesn’t even know that it is a Lego. I bet tofu thinks it’s rolling along on the plate and EVERYONE out there thinks that it’s great! How often have I adapted to fit in? I don’t mean not engaging in political debates, that’s just polite at dinner and parties. I’m talking about espousing strange viewpoints so that the people I am with will think that I’m one of them.

Revelation gives a pretty strong warning about being lukewarm in our faith. I think that a tofu personality is similar to being lukewarm. Again, this is not a call to fight with anyone who disagrees with you (we already have MSNBC and FOX News for 24 hour fighting and name calling); it’s just a gentle reminder to know who you are and to be that person. If my beliefs and convictions aren’t acceptable to the people I am with, I need to take a hard look at my beliefs and my friends. If my crowd won’t like me because of my music, my crowd might be too fickle.

Go grab some flavor of your own!

Rise Up!

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