Swim Cap

I saw a great picture this weekend on FaceBook: there was a guy sitting near the pool wearing a swim cap. This was not a person that I would have expected to wear a swim cap, so it really amused me. The funny thing was that he had a pretty good beard going, so any aquadynamic advantage earned by wearing the cap would be severely hampered by the facial hair! I subsequently learned that he didn’t even get in the pool. Perhaps it was one of those “ironic hipster” moves that millennials understand, but leave an old fogy such as myself in the dark…

It got me thinking though. How often do I do something just to make a statement? How often am I prepared for something, but unwilling to take the plunge and do it? Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for preparation and being ready for contingencies. My saddle bag on my mountain bike is basically filled with every tool I’ve ever needed but didn’t have out on the trail.  However, wearing a backpack filled with camping gear just in case I go hiking is not the wisest plan for my daily life!

As I was driving down the highway on yesterday’s long-weekend drive home day, I watched carefully in case someone decided to pass while I was occupying the lane. It’s just good, safe, defensive driving technique. In my recovery I try to look at what things may arise and have some kind of vague action plan to deal with life as it happens. Through prayer and meditation I am able to feel prepared. By using my sponsor, accountability partners, and Forever Family as sounding boards I am able to keep myself grounded in the midst of my daily struggles.

So here’s to you Swim Cap Guy, good job being ironically prepared. Now it’s time to jump in, the water’s fine!

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