Anybody who has known me for long has probably heard me utter my philosophy on life and fairness: fair is where you ride the rides! This week I’m putting that concept to the test but going to the regional fair in nearby Lancaster. So far, with the first of three trips done, I haven’t ridden a ride yet. I haven’t even eaten any “fair” food!

None of that make life fair though. In life I have to try to navigate my way through a maze of hurdles, foes,  friends, and people who pose as both. Life is decidedly not fair, and can often times be outright difficult. Yet even though life isn’t fair, it sure does resemble a fair in so many ways. There were so many lights, and noises and distractions for me there. My purpose in going was to see the “free” concert by the musical heroes of yesteryear. The music was great. I got blessed by somehow scoring a parking space that was literally about 100 yards from the from entrance. We were joined by some new friends who provided sparkling conversation (and laughed at almost all of my jokes!) We even saw some pig races. Life! Who knew it could be so fair?!?

2 thoughts on “Fair!

  1. Funny how we write our own definition of “fair” based on what we have done in the past, what we are doing in the present, or will do in the future. Unfortunately I use the term “fair” too often just to convince others I should get my own way. I love your blogs!!!!!!


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