Traveler’s Woes

Hi everybody, Today I am in Day 2 of my 9 Day Bachelorhood. My darling wife has taken a trip out to Tennessee to help her parents prepare to move. I’m not really wild about being all on my own, but even in my boredom and loneliness, I didn’t have nearly the problems that she had yesterday!

We spent a short night at a hotel near the airport because we saw a concert on Saturday night and she had a 5:30 flight Sunday morning. We got her to the airport on about 3.5 hours of sleep (this is for a lady who generally likes to get about 10 hours a day!). She had what seemed to be ample time, but the long check-in line proved otherwise. She missed her non-stop flight to Nashville, and that’s where the fun began. The folks at the airline did what they could to help her out. Soon they had her on a flight to San Antonio where she hoped to connect (as a standby passenger) to Nashville. Unfortunately the standby part of the plan didn’t go so well. After a few hours in San Antonio they put her on another flight, this time to Tampa. Eventually she was able to get on a plane and she did spend the night in a bed at her sister’s house. Ahhhh…..

Recovery can be a lot like Bev’s flying adventures. I often have a plan for where I am going. Sometimes it’s even a good plan! But life has a way of happening. The things that I plan don’t always turn out the way I had them drawn up in my brain. I’m pretty sure that my parents didn’t spend a load of money sending me to college so that I could write a small, largely unread blog.

The neat thing is that God always – ALWAYS – allows me to bloom where I am planted. Even when my world goes spinning into a different orbit, I still am able to trust in God to make my journey complete. Bev thought she’d fly a short four hour nonstop to Nashville, but it didn’t work out that way. Instead she got to see a lot of the country in a short time.

Find the successes where you find them, not where you wanted them to be. Life is beautiful if you enjoy the journey!

-Rise Up!

One thought on “Traveler’s Woes

  1. “Find the successes where you find them, not where you wanted them to be.”

    Goin right into the quote file…!


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