Let me start by saying that I just L-O-V-E  fireworks! I love the noise, I love the flashing light, I love the colors, I love everything about fireworks… Perhaps that’s not quite accurate: I’m not really that fond of the duds. I mean come on man! I paid good money, so do your thing!


Hold on there Sparky…maybe I’m racing to judgement here. Every time we have a dud it does give us the chance to let our hearts pound as we approach that firework. Perhaps we can see a faint glow of a fuse down deep inside. Perhaps not. Do I see smoke? Then as we cautiously walk toward it the stories of past mayhem go racing through our minds. Remember that guy with one eye who had one go off (my daughter’s co-worker in Hawaii)? How bad will this hurt if it all goes wrong? A whole lot of risk/reward analysis happens in a short walk.

Maybe I’m wrong. maybe I do love the duds too. After all, I could be seen as a dud. God lit my fuse long ago and I had all sorts of promise. Then after a long, slow burn I seemed to fizzle out. Heck, the world even tried to pour water on me to douse that fire. And while it succeeded on the outside, deep inside God still burned in my heart.

When we are dripping wet from the doubt of the world, God’s fire is still blazing on the inside. God Made us to explode and delight. God made us to amaze people with what we could do.

Light your fuse and RIse Up, it’s Independence Day!

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