By Our Love…

They say that “they will know we are Christians by our love…”  I’m even old enough to remember the old hippie days song that sang that in some peculiar mode. I hear people crying out that our nation was founded on Godly principles by Godly men and it’s all being torn apart by the ever-present demon “they”. Yet when something doesn’t go “our” way there is a tidal wave of emotion that seems to carry the distinct odor of hate and discontent.

How likely is it that we win non-Christians to the Lord by beating them over the head with our club of righteous indignation? I’m guessing not very likely. I know I am not very receptive to such prodding.

Jesus came to this earth in humility. He was not a Conan the Barbarian, swashbuckling type of man. He befriended the lonely. He loved the lost. He sacrificed for us all. To not show grace and love is to mock His sacrifice.

I am not called to agree with everyone, but I am called to love.

Rise up!

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