The White Road Hike

I am headed out on an adventure today. Most people know it as “The White Road Hike”. Along with my son in law, youngest daughter, and oldest grandson, we will trek across some lava roads, through the jungle, through some aqueducts, and a few tunnels as well. It’s going to be amazing. 

My grandson is very excited about it and he’s not worried about the cliffs and tunnels because he knows that I’ve done it before him so he can just put his feet where he sees me put mine and things will be nice and safe. 

Hiking is like recovery, we watch those who have gone before us to see how to do it. And by going on the hike, we wind up seeing and experiencing amazing things. Keep walking behind your sponsors, they’ve done it before and can help you avoid the pitfalls and danger. 

Rise Up!

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