It Can’t Get Any Better…

Have you ever thought “It can’t get any better than this…”? I know that it’s occurred to me from time to time. So here I am, sitting in Hawaii with my three wonderful grandsons. You’d think this would be an appropriate time for it, right? Well I know it’s fixing to get better! My third daughter is coming to join us on Thursday. Now THAT’s some aloha for ya!

God does the same thing for me in my life all the time. Things can get pretty good, then WHAM! God sees and raises. I love that guy. Everyday is an opportunity for me to erase what’s happened the day before and start anew. The world has a peculiar habit of sifting through a person’s life and highlighting the most negative stuff they’ve done, then slapping a nice bright label on them: “you’re an alcoholic”, “you’re an addict”, “you’re a __________ (fill in your bad day”. Sorry world, but I’m a Christian! Sure, I have some hurts, habits, and hang-ups, but they don’t define me or limit me. I have a loving God who tells me who I am. In the words of Pastor Mark Godfrey “Access granted”, grace is mine. 

It can always get better than this, I just need to remember how and where to focus my eyes so that I can see it.  Aloha, and Rise Up!

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