So this last week at Celebrate Recovery was pretty neat. My week was rolling along like a pretty standard week: I put up my blog, I wrote my lesson, I practiced my music, I talked about the menu with Chef Jenny…oh yeah, we saw Barry…but aside from that it was kind of business as usual. Then it happened, out out the clear blue, I had a stranger walk through the doors.

Now a visitor in and of itself is not such a freak occurrence that it rates the Monday morning blog post, but this one was a different kind of visitor: this person was from out of town and found us online! Yup, that’s right someone found us on the internet and came to our meeting. Why am I making such a big deal about this you ask, well, it goes back to Jesus and the sheep. We rejoice over the one lost sheep that gets found. No, I didn’t convert this visitor to Jesus, that honor went to someone else years ago; no, I didn’t win this person over to sobriety, that privilege happened in the distant past as well; and no, I didn’t convince this person that Celebrate Recovery was the best option for them, you guessed it, they had made that commitment many moons ago. The neat part of this is that it was a payoff for the work that we’ve been pouring into the program. If we hadn’t been doing all the things we’ve been doing to make CR great, it wouldn’t be great and we would not have been ready to receive our guest.

It can be very easy for the ministry leader to get caught up counting heads at the meeting. It can be very easy for the worship leader to get caught up in making sure the right songs are chosen and that the mix is good. It can be very easy for the open share group leader to focus on all the small group guidelines. All of these things and so much more go into providing a quality recovery experience for those who need it (just an aside, you’re either in recovery or in denial). Having a visitor find us and enjoy their time at our meeting was just a very nice validation of the steps we have taken at RCA Church to make our CR work. We are a bit like McDonalds: no matter where you go, from Tokyo to Paris and everywhere in between, you want your Big Mac to taste like a Big Mac. In CR we want our meetings to have consistency regardless of what church is hosting it. This creates a safe, predictable environment. And a safe, predictable environment is the soil that nurtures healthy Christians on the road to recovery!

Rise Up!

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