Easter Eggs

Once again, Easter has come and gone. Easter is a time of many things to many people. For some people it’s a week off of school. For some people it’s the culmination of a Holy Week. For some people it’s the end of March Madness. For some people it’s a sugar rush like no other. I didn’t get any Easter eggs this year, not even one. But here’s what I did get:

I gave away a 60 day chip on Friday night to a man who is learning to conquer some of his habits, hurts and hang-ups. 60 days is a great accomplishment, every chip I give reminds that it all began with a one day chip. No one ever finds recovery until they begin recovery by taking that first step.

I served communion for the first time wearing my own clothes instead of something given to me by the county. And even though it was just grape juice and a cracker I was uplifted by being able to guide my small flock in remembrance.

I went to church with 824 of my closest friends and about 700 chairs. I’ve never been so happy to stand through a church service.

God is indeed moving in and blessing my life, my recovery and my church. Happy Easter!

Rise Up!

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