Are we recording…? Is this thing on? Ooops!

So as you may or may not know, we record our Friday night services from CR at RCA Church. I like to put them on our UStream channel so that in case people are out of town, or sick, or just shy they can still check out some worship and a lesson or testimony. I always set my equipment up in advance and make sure that everything is copacetic. Well, this past Friday I had gremlins running through just about everything. Apparently someone got them wet AND fed them after midnight, because it was just one thing after another all afternoon and right up to service time. I lost my music (well, left it in my small group room when I was setting it up); I had issues with my presentation software to the extent that I had to do a complete restore on my iPad about 90 minutes before the service started. It was a stressful afternoon and evening. Anyhow, it seems that when I went top press record on my phone i missed the button. The camera was on and I was in the frame, but it wasn’t recording until I hit “stop” which turned out to be “record”. Ugh, fifteen seconds of video…not fame, just me walking with my phone!

So all of this seemed to be indicating a “bad” night at CR. WRONG! We had a good crowd there, the music went great and my lesson, which I never timed due to all the technical difficulties in the afternoon, came off pretty well. The lesson that I continue to learn is that nothing really matters as long as I remain open to God. My plans do not necessarily mesh with His. Even when the plans do align, there is always mischief about that can throw things off. I need to allow God to take the problems and just make things work. It all comes back to the Serenity Prayer and “taking this world as it is, not as I would have it”.

Rise Up!

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