Bev’s Testimony

Wow, what a great testimony we heard from Bev Pippen on Friday night. So many times people are under the impression that the folks who attend Celebrate Recovery are a bunch of people who can barely function in the real world. This is so far from the truth! On Friday night Feb 6th Bev shared her testimony about her struggles and victories with co-dependency and anxiety. It is so nice to see that real people with real struggles find real success at Celebrate Recovery. Recovery is so much more than just those 12 Steps. Think about how many great songs we have with just three simple chords. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your life doesn’t matter just because your “rock bottom” doesn’t look like someone else’s “rock bottom”. It isn’t a competition to see who had it worse, because in my experience most folks aren’t always happy with their own situation, but that doesn’t mean they’d trade with for another person’s issues. Bev’s testimony shows us how a lady can be going along with what everyone sees as a wonderful life, yet under the surface there are issues that are being sheltered from the light of day. Even though her face had a smile, her heart was in tears. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear her speak, I urge you to check out her testimony on our UStream feed


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