Hello world!

Welcome to the Celebrate Recovery at RCA Church blog! My name is Paul Pippen and I am the Ministry Leader of CR here at RCA Church in Ridgecrest, CA. We meet on Friday nights. Our CRBQ dinner starts at 6:30, Big Group is at 7:00, Open Share Groups start at 8:00, and we finish up with Holy Ground Coffee House at 9:00.

My wife and I have been involved with Celebrate Recovery since 2002. We are very pleased to be starting a new chapter in Ridgecrest at RCA Church in January of 2015. I know that recovery is very dependent on consistency of attendance, so we have created an online channel at ustream.tv/channel/cratrcachurch. This stream of our weekly Big Group allows folks to try out Celebrate Recovery with “training wheels”. It also gives an opportunity for our attenders who are traveling to spend time with us on Friday from anywhere they happen to be. Another bonus of our channel is that you can revisit a lesson or share it with a friend. We stream live from 7-8pm in the Pacific time zone but all of our past broadcasts are available at UStream.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog. I hope to bring you interesting stories of recovery and life. Please share this blog with friends and family, heck you can even tell people you don’t know or like, just get the word out! #SeeYaThere

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