Walking Dead

As I write this another season of “The Walking Dead” has concluded and the new season of “The Walking Not-Dead-Anymore” begins. This is Holy Week, and even though recent trends have played down the events and happenings of the week between Palm Sunday and Easter I think it is still important to recognize the importance of  what happened in Israel some two thousand years ago.

Pastor Heather keeps the memory of Maundy Thursday alive and speaks about it in the office to keep us mindful. She also got us all palm fronds this last Sunday and taught us how to make them into crosses. I love her enthusiasm!

So what’s the deal with this week and why does it seem like there was more chatter on the “interwebs” about the Season Finale of a TV show than there was about my Jesus? Why does it feel like there will be more people watching their DVR’s to see who lives and dies than those who come to church this week to hear about the One who did live and die and live again?

This week, I’ve been told we should plan to see a lot of CEO’s at church service. No, not business leaders, but the (C)hristmas (E)aster (O)ne Other attenders. This is a great opportunity to show them how much we love them. This is a great opportunity to show them that our churches are open, warm, and alive. This is a great opportunity to show them that God’s not Dead!

Rise Up!